ITC مكبر صوت صغير مدمج MP3 / TUNER / Bluetooth موديل T-B240

الطاقة : 240 واط

مخرج  مكبر الصوت : 70V/100V

استجابة التردد : 80 هرتز -16 كيلو هرتز (-3 ديسيبل)

السعر العادي ج.م.‏ 4٬999٫00 سعر خاص ج.م.‏ 3٬099٫00
الحالة: غير متوفر بالمخزن

ITC T-B240 Mini Mixer Amplifier with MP3 -TUNER- Bluetooth


Desktop design, elegant appearance, light weight, and easy to carry.

It can be used in different sound effect places. This series include 120W, 240W which can be selected according to room size inquiries.

The output terminal use standard 6.3 audio microphone jack and line input uses RCA jack, to provide users with different audio input interface options.

1 Microphone input with independent volume control.

 2 audio inputs with independent volume control, 1 EMC input.

With function of auto play MP3 and power memory.

With function of priority, when MIC 1 input, the other audio signal can be disconnected.

With power indication light, when connect electrical power and turn on switcher, the light turns blue.

 With signal indication light and the light can show different color according to different signal.

With protection function of short circuit, over load, over temperature.

With function of MP3 module, readable MP3 files in USB flash disk, SD card. Support TUNER and Bluetooth function.

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