Dahua L3 Ethernet Switch 24 Port Gigabit + 4SFP 10GE (PFS6428-24T)

24065 EGP

  • Rich interface type, flexible port extension
  • Powerful Processing Capacity
  • Perfect Security Control Strategy
  • Perfect Reliability Protection Mechanism
  • Convenient Management and Maintenance


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DH-PFS6428-24T is a type of managed switch with layer 3, whichadopts the industry-leading Broadcom 10G switching chip.

The switchis equipped with advanced hardware processing ability and abundant function features.

The product has four SFP+ ports, which can satisfy the network requirement of high-speed 10G development.

DH-PFS6428-24T adopts 392G back panel design structure and realizes many functionssuch as route, port mirroring, port isolation, ARP binding, spanning tree,
VLAN, ACL, DHCP snooping, multicast and link aggregation etc.

· Rich interface type, flexible port extension DH-PFS6428-24T owns four SFP+ ports, which can satisfy the network requirement of high-speed 10G development.
· Powerful Processing Capacity DH-PFS6428-24T provides exchange capacity up to 392Gbps, port full linear filter forward 96Mpps;

Guarantee large flow data forward of backbone network without block.
· Perfect Security Control Strategy The security application scene for switch has to meet higher performance requirements.

DH-PFS6428-24T not only supports three-layer routing functions, also owns a certain security protection strategy, such as IP source protection, port isolation, ARP inspection and
ACL control list etc.
Support specific ARP intrusion detection function; effectively prevent increasingly popular “ARP cheat attack” implemented by hacker or attacker via ARP message;
Support IP Source Guard features; prevent illegal address counterfeit including MAC cheat, IP cheat, MAC/IP cheat and Dos attack brought by large flow address counterfeit.
Provide DHCP snooping function, it can realize to snoop the MAC address, IP address and various information of access users via creating and maintaining DHCP Snooping binding table,

which has solved the IP and port tracking of DHCP users.

Support user IP+MAC address certification based on port, 802.1X certification based on port, remote Radius.

· Perfect Reliability Protection Mechanism It can implement flow classification and speed limit upon the packet which is sent to CPU via CPU protection strategy,

which is to avoid illegal packet causing resource consumption upon CPU; Support several spanning tree protocols such as STP, RSTP, MSTP and etc,
which can realize fast convergence and improve fault-tolerant capability; Support industrial ERPS spanning protocol, whose convergence time is within millisecond,

which guarantees no interruption for services. Besides, the protocol is simple and reliable, which makes it greatly convenient for users to manage and plan network;

Support virtual router redundancy protocol VRRP

· Convenient Management and Maintenance
It can implement simple and convenient operation upon various functions of the switch via easy visual WEB interface (support http and https protocol);
Support SNMP protocol to configure management for the device, provide convenience about centralized device management for small and medium-sized enterprises;
Support CLI configuration, manage via Telnet and Console port, which is suitable for professional network managers; Support SSH2.0 and other encryption modes,

make management muchsafer; Support NTP clock protocol, which can sync network time automatically;



Interfaces 10/100/1000BASE-T port x 24 / 10GE SFP+/GE SFP port x 4

Management Ports : One Console port
Reset Button : One Restore Factory Default Button
Switching Capacity : 392Gbps
Packet Forwarding Rate : 96Mpps
Working Temperature : -10~55°C
Storage Temperature : -40~70°C
Operating Humidity : 5%~95% Non-condensing
Dimensions : 440(L)×285(W)×44.5(H)mm
Weight : <6Kg
Input Voltage : AC: 110~240V/50~60Hz (Dual power)
Power Consumption : <50W
Service Characteristics
Protocol Standard : IEEE 802.3ad,IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3z, IEEE 802.3ae, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3az
MAC Table : 32K
VLAN : 4K / Port-based VLAN / 802.1Q Standard VLAN / MAC-based VLAN / Protocol-based VLAN
Spanning Tree : STP / RSTP / MSTP
Loop Protection : ERPS
Port Aggregation  : Up to 14 aggregation groups, and up to 8 GE ports for each group / LACP, Manual aggregation
Mirroring : Support many-to-one port mirroring, no limit for the quantity of mirroring source port / Support 4 mirroring groups
Flow Control : Support half-duplex based on back pressure type control / Support full duplex based on PAUSE frame
Port Speed Limit : Support input/output bandwidth management based on port
Redundancy backup : VRRP
IP Routing : Static Routing / RIP, OSPF, BGP
Multicast : IGMP Snooping / MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration)
DHCP : DHCP Client / DHCP Server / DHCP Snooping
Storm Suppression : Support suppression upon broadcast, multicast, unicast
Security Features :

Hardware supports IP ACL,MAC ACL, VLAN ACL
Hardware supports IP+MAC binding based on port
Support IP Source Guard
Support ARP Detection
Support IEEE802.1x port authentication
Support Radius authentication
Support the user classification management and password protection


SP(Strict Priority)
WRR (Weighted Round Robin)

System Maintenance :

Support the configuration file upload/download
Support the updated packet upload
Restore default configuration via WEB
Support system logs

Network Management :

WEB(http and https protocol)
SSH 2.0
Support the NTP client


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