iTC سماعة سقف قطر 8 بوصة T-208S

مدخلات خط : 100 فولت و 70 فولت و 8 أوم

تردد الاستجابة :  (-10dB)

المدخل : 70V/100V/8Ω

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ج.م.‏ 1٬850٫00
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iTC T-208S Ceiling Subwoofer (60W, 100V & 8ohms) 


The T-208S is a ceiling subwoofer built-in 70v/100v transformer. The 70v/100v transformer technique reduces line losses on longer distance and allows easy parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers. The subwoofer is designed of multi-line inputs at 100V, 70V and 8ohms. The subwoofer works together with the passive loudspeaker like T-208 or T-208CW would be superior union for bar, disco, entertainment & karaoke application where have a strict requirements of bass response. The built-in 8” speaker driver is designed of wide frequency response 60-2kHz, the multiple power taps 3.8W, 7.5W, 15W, 30W & 60W are helpful for different applications varies from room size and ambient noise surroundings. The metal grille, ABS baffle and ABS back cover are painted in attractive RAL9016 white color. Its flush mount type makes the easy and secure installation.


z Built-in 100v/70v transformer z In-ceiling type subwoofer z 8” speaker unit z Power taps 3.8w-7.5w-15w-30w-60w @100V z Line inputs of 100V, 70V and 8ohms z Metal grille, ABS baffle & ABS back cover z Paint in RAL9016 white

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الموديلiTC T-208S Ceiling Subwoofer (60W, 100V & 8ohms)