FAAC موتور للتحكم فى البوابات 412

230V مشغل كهروميكانيكي
أقصى عرض لدرفة واحدة 1.8 م
استخدام التردد (دورات / ساعة) 18
مشغل غير عكسي ، لا يتطلب قفل كهربائي.
سهولة التركيب والصيانة.
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FAAC 412 Dual

FAAC 412 Dual Swing Automatic Gate Operator Residential Gate Opener Kit

FAAC 412 Kit Includes (for bi-parting gates)

Two gate operators with mounting hardware
One control panel which operates single leaf or bi-parting gates
One 14 x 16 in. weather resistant UL Listed fiberglass enclosure
Two photo beam sets for opening and closing reversing devices
One plug-in radio receiver
Two radio transmitters
 Four warning signs

FAAC 412 Electro-Mechanical Automatic Swing Gate Operator

Designed for light residential, single family use
UL 325 compliant
Slow down “soft stop”
Mechanical locking in the opened and closed positions
Easy interconnection of loop detectors, photocells, etc. to reverse a gate if an obstacle is sensed
 Easy interconnection of actuating devices like remote control radios, key pads and telephone entry systems
On-board diagnostic LEDs
Convenient manual release in case of power failure

FAAC 412 High Voltage includes:

One 455 D control panel which operates single leaf or bi-parting gates
Choice of 6 operating modes including:
"pulse-to-open, pulse-to-close"
automatic timed closure
“man present” (separate open and close contacts)
30 VDC power for accessories
115 or 230 VAC

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